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Since 2017, as a natural development from its predecessor VNU Journal of Science: Foreign Studies, the VNU Journal of Foreign Studies continues to be an official, independent publication of the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) under Vietnam National University (VNU).

Bimonthly in 3 Vietnamese and 3 English editions p.a. from 2018 onward in both print and electronic forms, the journal provides maximum exposure for published articles, making research available to all to read and share.

The VNU Journal of Foreign Studies publishes research papers, discussions and reviews concerning: Linguistics, Foreign language education, International studies, Related social sciences and humanities. All the papers must be blind peer-reviewed, and then, edited by the prestigious professors and the professional editors. The authors will not pay any fee when your papers are published.

The VNU Journal of Foreign Studies would like authors to contribute your original research papers with the contents relating to the fields above for publication in 2019.

Manuscripts should be submitted online or sent to the email address:

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