Nguyen Anh Thu

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The upcoming Cambodia national election on July, 2018; the Sixth Legislature of the National Assembly will be officially born and also the next national development plan. At the present time, the five years development plan called National Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 (NSDP 2014-2018) is being implementing. NSDP is one of the most important strategy, a five year economic plan, was established since 1996. NSDP roles as road map of government to implementing its policy, and identify the upcoming challenge and issue.

The Road infrastructure rehabilitation is a priority agenda in NSDP. In NSDP 2014-18, Cambodia’s road network measured approximately 50,000 km, and 11,618 km was paved. However, Cambodia still lack of physical infrastructure, and the existing infrastructure is in poor state [1] For instate, the National road and Provincial road are paved with mostly DBST and concrete, but rural road mostly paved with literal and earth. Some national road can stand with bother raining and dry season, but rural road can be use only dry season. Most of National Road networks have been rehabilitated and are now in good condition. In contrast, rural road network of approximately 33,005 km is still paved by earth. Rural road connecting economic activities from rural area to urban through connecting with provincial road and national road. The bad health of rural road will reduce chance for rural people from gaining benefit from economic growth.


[1] Sum, M. (2008), ‘Infrastructure Development in Cambodia’, in Kumar, N. (ed.), International Infrastructure Development in East Asia – Towards Balanced Regional Development and Integration, ERIA Research Project Report 2007-2, Chiba: IDE-JETRO, pp.32-84.