Cem Tokatlı, Yasin Baştatli

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Abstract: Havsa Stream is located on north – west part of Marmara Region and it is one of the most important branches of Ergene River. As many aquatic habitat Havsa Stream is also under effect of an intensive agricultural pressure. In this study, water quality of Süloğlu, Hasköy, Aşağıova, Havsa, Kuleli and Anadere Creeks that are the significant components of Havsa Steam Basin were investigated. Water samples were collected in spring season of 2016 and total of 13 water quality parameters (pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity, turbidity, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, sulfate, biological oxygen demand, total carbon, total inorganic carbon and total organic carbon) were investigated. Also Cluster Analysis (CA) was applied to detected data in order to classify the creeks in terms of pollution levels. According to detected data, pollution levels of the investigated creeks in parallel to the flow directions as follows; Süloğlu > Hasköy > Aşağıova > Havsa > Kuleli > Anadere in general. According to the results of CA, 3 statistically significant clusters were formed, which were corresponded to Süloğlu and Hasköy (Cluster 1) that were located on the upstream; Kuleli, Havsa and Aşağıova (Cluster 2) that were located on the middlestream; Anadere (Cluster 3) that was located on the downstream.