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The current pollution situation of agricultural land in our country is a pressing problem. The unreasonable use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has led to an increase of toxic chemical residues in soil, negatively affecting the soil ecosystem. Therefore, organic fertilizers and microorganism products friendly with the environment are increasingly encouraged to use. EarthCare with SumaGrow Inside product imported from the USA has been applied for the orange planting soil in Tran Cao town, Phu Cu district, Hung Yen province for over 3 years. Initial results showed that after the application of EarthCare with SumaGrow Inside, the soil nutrients increased, the soil was slightly improved in acidity, heavy metals had a sign of decline, the soil porosity was still low but there was a clear difference between the two soil samples. The results of this study will be a practical basis for encouraging people to turn into safe organic products and contribute to sustainable agricultural development.

Keywords: Microorganism products, EarthCare with SumaGrow Inside, soil environment, sustainable agricultural development.