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Traffic-related have been under intensive scrutiny. The personal exposure to TSP and NO2 from automobile exhaust can be an important occupational problem for traffic polices. This study concerns the use of personal samplers to evaluate the exposure of traffic police to particulates and nitrogen dioxide at morning rush hours in Hanoi. This present study was conduct to estimate the inhalation exposure to those two air pollutants (TSP and NO2) of traffic police in Nguyen Trai - Khuat Duy Tien intersection during daily work rush hours (7 am. to 9 am.) According to the data obtained, mean personal TSP exposure was 96 ± 71 mg/m3, with peaks of about 506 mg/m3. The mean concentration of NO2 in the breathing zone was 109 ± 141 mg/m3. Their potential in posing adverse health effects are also discussed. Total inhalation exposure of a TPOs to TSP and NO2 are about 1.04 mg*day-1 and 1.2 mg*day-1, respectively.

Keywords: Inhalation exposure; Traffic-related air pollutants; Traffic police officers; Hanoi.


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