Can The Viet, Nguyen Thi Thơm, Can Thu Van

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Abstract:The study used multivariate analysis to calculate the water security index (WSI)to quantify the level of water security for Tra Vinh city - Tra Vinh province, from that, we propose solutions to improve and improve the effectiveness of management, exploitation and use of sustainable water resources for Tra Vinh city.This study has developed a set of criteria and parameters that serve as a basis for calculating the WSI index for Tra Vinh, including 53 parameters belonging to 17 criterias of 5 key aspects. As a result, the level of change in water-related security factors for the period 2012 - 2016, respectively, of the WSI scores for the years was: 56.4 (2012); 58.5 (2013); 56.6 (2014); 50.4 (2015) and 37.9 (2016).

Key words. Water securiry, Water security index (WSI), Set of water security indicator, Tra Vinh city