Can The Viet, Nguyen Thi Thom, Can Thu Van

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Abstract: A multivariate analysis is used to calculate the water security index (WSI) for quantification of water security level for Tra Vinh city, Tra Vinh. Wethen propose solutions to improve the effectiveness of management, exploitation and use of sustainable water resources for TraVinh city.This study has developed a set of criteria and parameters that serve as a basis for calculating the WSI for TraVinh, including 53 parameters belonging to 17 criterias of 5 key aspects. As a result, the level of change in water-related security factors for the period 2012 - 2016, respectively, of the WSI scores for the years was: 56.4 (2012); 58.5 (2013); 56.6 (2014); 50.4 (2015) and 37.9 (2016).

Keywords: Water securiry, water security index, set of water security indicator, Tra Vinh city.


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