Tran Tan Tien, Dao Nguyen Quynh Hoa

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Abstract:In this research, several experiments using WRF to research the geneses of tropical cyclonesby data assimilation of coupled 3DVAR (3-dimensional variation) – LETKF (Local Ensemble Transform Kalman filter) have been processed. The analysis field after data assimilation procedure with observational information from synop, METAR, ships, soundings,... database produced from 36h before the recorded tropical cyclogeneses from recorded database with 72-days forecasts. The resulted analysis sea level pressure (SLP) fields were compared to the inital fields from control forecast (CTL), which shown the anomalous high pressure of +0.4mb in the area surrounding the actual genesis locations. The SLP and wind fields at 10-meter level in the WUTIP 2013 case has been using as an example of the divergence and diversity of multiple members’ tropical cyclone development.

Key words: tropical cyclones, tropical cyclogenesis, WRF, data assimilation, 3DVAR, LETKF