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Abstract: Exploiting renewable energy from the sea is a topic of great interest in recent years in Vietnam. Many coastal areas of our country have been surveyed to assess the potential of marine energy exploitation. However, there have been no studies detailing the potential of exploiting the sea current energy in the Mekong River mouth. This study aims to estimate the potential of marine power generation for the Mekong River mouth by calculating the ocean current flow using the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS). It is estimated following one of the marine electricity generation equipment is being studied in Vietnam. The results show that the potential for power exploitation in the Mekong River mouth is positive, with total capacity reaching over 209 MWh at the river mouth, above 116 MWh in Con Dao in January and above 55 MWh in both locations in July in 2018.

Keywords: Ocean currents, recycled energy, Mekong estuary, South East sea, ROMS.


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