Tran Dinh Linh, Chu Thi Thu Huong, Tran Thi Kim Ngan

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Abstract: In order to investigate the variation of Summer Monsoon (SM) during Tropical Cyclone(TC) acitivityin the Vietnam’s East Sea (VES), we have used the ERA Interim reanalysis data to evaluate the variant of SM intensityin two areas at three levels (1000mb, 850mb and 700mb). The first area(0 - 100N; 105-1100E) was used to examine the change of wind from Australian High and the second area(5 - 150N; 90 - 1050E)was used to analyze the change of wind from Mascarene High. These variations are investigated towards two characteristics: (1) Anomaly of wind compared with mean value and (2) Appearance frequency of wind in each value range. The resultsshowthat SM intensityduring TC activity in the VESis less dependent on the time of year. SMI is stronger from 30% up to 85% of the mean values. In addition, during TC activity in the VES, frequency of SMI gets the maximum valueat the range of VTB - 1,5VTB or 1,5VTB - 2VTB with the total of frequency from 55% to 75%.

Key words: Variations of Summer Monsoon; Tropical Cycloneactivity in the Vietnam’s East Sea.