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The world mathematicians given many method to adjust the free network, in which the confirmation that the first norm of the solution vectors must minimizing to be the standard for finding the solution in a multitude of solutions. This also conform with the weight transformation process in the deformation model to find the solution for the most probable model, developed by Adam Chrzanowski. The geodetic base point at hydropower plants are used as benchmarks to assess the displacement of test points are attached on the dam. This article presents the iterative weight transformation technique of  the problem handle the free geodetic network at Tuyen Quang hydropower. The results showed that the largest displacement value was 2.2 mm / year and equivalent to the actual measurement error. This calculation method provides more useful information about the displacement model of geodetic base points, helping to plan a large-scale project safety assurance.




Keywords: Displacement, Minimizing the first norm of vectors, Geodetic base points.


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