Nguyen Quoc Huy, Pham Van Manh, Nguyen Xuan Linh, Pham Vu Dong, Bui Quang Thanh

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Tourism is one of the smokeless industries that has been developing rapidly, opening up many job opportunities as well as socio-economic development for many countries around the world. In Vietnam, the role of the tourism industry in the development of the country has been well recognized and has received early investment attention from the Party and the State. Quang Binh is a central province of Vietnam blessed with many natural beauty, historical sites, which is also a place attracting many tourists from all over the world. However, the management of tourist site information as well as the promotion of tourism support of Quang Binh province is still inadequate. Tourists still have to rely on maps, guidebooks, through word of mouth or experience or travel companies to determine travel schedules leading to failure to meet their own requirements. Base on powerful of the Internet and digital mapping technology, the authors have conducted research to build a Web site that supports automated travel schedules to assist domestic and foreign tourists, support development and increase competitiveness for tourism in Quang Binh province.




Keywords: WebGIS, GIS, Travel, Scheduler.


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