Nguyen Ho Hoang Thuy

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Abstract. Applied linguistics is defined as a discipline that uses a variety of methods to address language-based problems, one of which is that of language teaching and learning. Based on this definition, the article will define and tackle the problem of teaching EFL writing in Vietnam which has, for a long time, been considered a challenge for language teachers. Specifically, this article will explore three main areas of the problem: (i) How to raise students’ awareness of why they should write in English, (ii) How to teach students to write in English, and (iii) How to assess students’ writing skill. The article will be concluded that the problem of teaching EFL writing can be solved thanks to different methods such as psycholinguistics, SLA, syntax, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics, and that the solutions will help developing the students’ English writing skill in particular and communicative competence in general.