Nguyen Van Khang

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When speaking of languages in ethnic minority areas of Vietnam, people often refer to ethnic minority languages and Vietnamese. Accordingly, domestic and international linguistics has mainly focused on these languages. However, along with socioeconomic development, ethnic minorities in Vietnam have witnessed significant changes in not only material and spiritual life but also people’s awareness. From the linguistic perspective, one of the most significant changes in ethnic minorities’ awareness is their outlook on foreign languages (this is called "language attitude" in sociolinguistics).

This article is part of our investigations into "the situation of languages used in ethnic minorities of Vietnam". The study has revealed some major ethnic minorities’ language attitudes towards foreign languages, including the needs to know foreign languages, the necessary foreign languages to be known and the reasons for knowing foreign languages. Therefore, the article will, hopefully, make contributions to laying scientific foundations for policy-making on foreign language education in Vietnam, in general and in ethnic minorities, in particular.