Hung Sy Luu, Hoang Van Tran, Anh Tuan Nguyen, Ha Xuan Trinh

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Sexual crime is increasing profound impact on the health of the victim. This study was conducted at the Forensic Centre of Dong Nai province in the period from 01/1/2010 to 10/30/2012, with total of 354 victims. Number of victims aged under 15 is 63.1%, from 16-25 is 33.3%. Rare on 36. 4.8% of the victim to the doctor immediately after the event, 18.6% of the victim after 12pm. after 24 hours was 15.1% and 13% of victims to examination after 1 month. Number of victims injured at outside of the genital area accounted for 4.9%, mainly with scratch in extrimities. Injuries of the hymen with 66.9% including the old and new tears, hematoma at the hymen was 13.8% and 33.1% of the victims have no sight of injuries on the hymen.


Sexual crime, forerensic exam, hymen, hymen injuries, regional genital


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