Le Thi Tuyet, Tran Quang Binh

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Abstract: Melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) plays an important role in regulating food intake and energy balance. A number of studies have revealed that variant rs17782313 is significantly associated with obesity in different populations. However, its role to obesity in the Vietnamese populations has not been identified. This study aims to evaluate the association of rs17782313 with anthropometric indices and obesity in a group of Vietnamese children. A case-control study was conducted on 559 children aged 6-11 years (278 obese cases and 281 normal controls). The nutrition status of the children was classified using both the criteria of the International Obesity Task Force 2000 and those of the World Health Organization 2007. The results show that in the normal group, the data of z score of weight for age was the highest in CC genotype group and was the lowest in TT genotype group (0.11 and -0.38, respectively, p=0.023). In the obese group, the waist hip ratio was the lowest in TT genotype group and the highest one was in CC genotype group (0.93 and 0.97 respectively, p=0.031). The study findings indicate that variant rs17782313 of MC4R is likely to have an impact on the changing of weight and central obesity in the Vietnamese children.

Keywords: rs17782313, MC4R, obesity, anthropometric indices, Vietnamese children.


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