Xây dựng quy trình định lượng flurbiprofen trong viên nén bằng phương pháp sắc ký lỏng hiệu năng cao ghép đầu dò huỳnh quang
Thi Thanh Binh Nguyen, Anh Mai Tran, Thuan Hai Duong, Tung Huu Nguyen, Tung Thanh Bui

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In this study, a high-performance liquid chromatographic method with fluorecence detection was developed for the quantification of flurbiprofen in tablets. A C8 reverse phase column (5 μm, 120 Å, 4.6×150 mm) was used with a mobile phase of acetonitrile : water : glacial acetic acid (65 : 32.5 : 2.5, v/v/v) . The flow rate was 1 ml/min and the column effluent was monitored within 8 minutes. The excitation and emission wavelength were respectively 247 nm and 312 nm. The temperature of flow cell was set at 45˚C and detector sensitivity was 5. The retention time of flurbiprofen was found to be 3.78 minutes. The method was validated under the concentration range of 5 - 100 ng/ml with a tight linear correlation between peak area and sample concentration (R = 0.9999). The proposed method was found to be specific to flurbiprofen, accurate and precise. The percentage recovery was ≤ 100 ± 2%, the relative standard deviation of the repeatability was ≤ 2.08% and the relative standard deviation of the intermediate precision was ≤ 2.96%. The limit of detection and limite of quantification were respectively 0.010 and 0.025 ng/ml.