Nguyen Thi Hanh, Vu Thi Phuong Thao, Ha Quang Tuan, Nguyen Xuan Bach, Nguyen Thanh Hai

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This study was aimed to develop a list of important drug- drug interactions (DDIs) at the Internal department – Kien An Hospital. Subjects and methods: This study was 3 phases: (1) The construction of the initiative list was based on consenous of the documentations from the list of drugs in Kien An hospital: Micromedex 2.0, the patient leaflets and Drug Interaction Fact 2014. (2) The research group reviewed all the in-patient medical records in the General internal department and Cardiology department and sorted the high-frequency DDIs with prevalance higher than 1%. (3) After the DDIs of the first list and the second list were assessed by a group of doctors and pharmacists who the proposed a list of important DDIs at the internal deparment – Kien An Hospital. Results: From the documentations, the research group constructed 27 DDIs of the list. Conclusion: This DDIs list can be disseminated in clinical departments and integrated into the prescribing software of Kien An hospital.


Kien An hospital, DDIs, Micromedex 2.0, high-frequency.


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