Pham Van Dem, Le Thi Thu Hoai

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Objectives: To identify the percentage of parents having the correct knowledge of caring their children and evaluable quality of life in children with chronic kidney diseases. Subject and method: descriptive cross sectional study and  evaluated the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL) 4.0 Generic Core Scales of 115 children with chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and their parents who treated at Department of Pediatric of Bach Mai hospital. Results: the parents’ correct knowledge about CKD was persistant and relapse (90,4% and 89,4%). The sourse of information parentss from medical staffs was 48,2% and 23% from social networking. Over 50% of parents thought that knowledge getting from medical staffs was necessary. Beside that 33% of parents thought that information gettinh from social networking was harmful. Total quality of life score of children with CKD was 21,9 ± 14,9  point. Physical and learning field were more effective. However, total quality of life score of children with CKD whose parents got consulting of medical staffs was lower than wothout medical staffs’s consulting. The difference between total quality of life score of children with CKD and job of parents was not is not statistically significant. Conclusion: the supply more information will help parents understand their role in co-operation with medical staffs to help the children integrate into the normal society and enhance their quality of life.


Knowledge,chronic kidney diseases.


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