Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Nguyen Yen Nhi, Thai Hue Ngan, Truong Van Dat, Le Quan Nghiem, Le Minh Quan

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This study surveys the situation of domestic drug materials registration in Vietnam in the period of 2009-2019 based on the data retrieved from the Drug Administration of Vietnam’s website. The survey results show that during 2009-2019, there were 765 drug materials registeration numbers, of which domestic medicinal materials were among the most registered group with 196 types and 700 registration numbers; pharmaceutical ingredients ranked second with 45 registration numbers; adjuvants had 8 registration numbers, and the rest was capsules (12 numbers). This suggests that Vietnam tends to focus on medicinal materials and the increase in the registration numbers of this group is consistent with the development strategy of the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry set by the Prime Minister. Yet, domestic drug materials including pharmaceutical ingredients, adjuvants and capsules have not really developed during the research period.


Drug materials, medicinal materials, pharmaceutical ingredients, registration, Vietnam


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