Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Nguyen Yen Nhi

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Vietnam not only has a long history in traditional medicines but also has a diversity of medicinal plants to this day. Therefore, since 2016, the Government has introduced that the production of available medicinal materials was prioritized field in the development of pharmaceutical industry. However, until now, there is still little research related to drugsĀ from medicinal materials and traditional medicines in our country, so we conducted this research to provide an overview of the registration situation of this drug group in Vietnam throughout the period 2009-2020. The results showed that in 12 years, drugs from medicinal materials and traditional medicines had had 2985 registration numbers, accounting for 6.9% of all registered drugs. Among 11 effect groups based on traditional medicines, the group of heat-clearing, detoxifying, dispelling rashes, and diuresis ranked first with 21.0%. Domestic drugs accounted for a large amount, with 2814 numbers (94.3%). Capsules and tablets were the two dosage forms with the highest number, holding 54.6%. In terms of drug components of registered traditional medicines, there were 87 products in single-component form and more than 1200 products in combination form. Our country had 224 manufacturers of this drug group, and 81 of them achieved GMP. In general, the registration of drugs from medicinal materials and traditional medicines met the guidelines set out by the Government, and manufactured drugs were qualified to serve the needs of people. However, in order to develop the field of drugs from medicinal materials and traditional medicines like other countries in Southeast Asia, in the coming years, Vietnam needs more support from the state management agencies and research efforts from pharmaceutical companies.

Keywords: Registration number, Drugs from medicinal materials, Traditional medicines, Vietnam.


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