Nguyen Bao Trang, Pham Hong Quynh Anh, Keo Phommavong, Nguyen Quang Huy

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Abstract: 61 actinomycete strains were isolated by culture techniques in mangrove forests in Cat Ba, Hai Phong and Xuan Thuy, Nam Dinh. The 31 isolates (50.82%) showed the antibacterial activity with at least one of test microorganisms including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, and Bacillus cereus, in which two strains SCA N2.2 and GI H1.3 had strongest antibacterial activity. Two strains growed at optimal temperature at 37ºC. Strain SCA N2.2 could grow in the medium with 3% NaCl concentration while GI H1.3 strains growed in the medium without NaCl.

Based on morphology, color of colony, biological characteristic and 16S rDNA sequence , GI H1.3 strain and SCA N2.2 strain were classified  to  Actinomadura genus and Streptomyces genus, and were considered as Actinomadura glauciflava_AB1846 and Streptomyces griseoincarnatus_AB184207, respectively.

Keywords: Actinomyces, antimicrobial, isolation, mangrove forests, 16S rDNA .


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