Nguyen Tuan Anh, Ngo Thi Hoa, To Thi Xuan Hang, Nguyen Thuy Duong, Trinh Anh Truc

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Zinc aluminum hydrotalcite containing 2-benzothiazolythio-succinic acid (HT-BTSA) and modified by 2-aminoethyl-3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APS) at different concentrations (3%, 5% and 10%). APS modified HT-BTSA (HT-BTSA-S) was incorporated in epoxy coatings at 3% concentration. The corrosion protective performance of the epoxy coatings containing HT-BTSA-S were evaluated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, adhesion measurement.  The results showed that the presence of HT-BTSA-S improved protection performance of epoxy coating and the best protection was obtained with HT-BTSA modified with 5 % APS.


Keywords: Keywords. epoxy coating, hydrotalcite, silane modification, corrosion inhibitor, corrosion protection


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