Le Thi Hoang Yen, Le Hong Anh, Mai Thi Dam Linh, Duong Van Hop

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A total of 3,179 Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus (AMF) spores were isolated from 30 maize cultivation soil samples collected in Hanoi and Ha Nam. The spores were analyzed under a microscope at 200× magnification and grouped into 8 genera with 27 species of AMF according to their morphological characteristics including shape, size, colour and wall structures. Three out of the identified genera with 9 species were regarded as novel taxa and the species of Dentiscutata, Racocetra, Rhizophagus and Septoglomus were, for the first time, reported about in Vietnam. Acaulospora, Gigaspora and Glomus were the dominant genera with the occurence frequency ranging from 13.4% to 40.2%. A. Longula, G. Decipien, G. Gingatea and Glomusmulticaule were evaluated for their ability to propagate in the maize host. Media containing silica sand, coconut bark and rich soil in different ratios were used for propagating AMF. After 5 weeks’ innoculation, Acaulospora showed the best propagation in the medium with silica sand, coconut bark and rich soil mixed in the ratio of 1:1:1, followed by Gingaspora and Glomus. The number of spores propagated from Gingaspora and Acaulospora ranged from 250 to 331 spores/ 100g substrates. The study also shows that AMF could propagate in the host at the IP of 1217.8 and could enhance the innoculated maize’s body weight, height and ear by 40.0%, 58.9% and 24.9%, respectively.


Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus, diversity, bio-fertilizer, maize root, taxonomy


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