Xuan Dien Luong, Truong Xuan Nguyen, Quan Duc Ngo

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The N,O-bidentate ligand 2-((methylimino)methyl)pyren-1-ol (1) gives with nickel acetate in a mixed solvent of toluene and ethanol in the presence of NaOAc the nickel(II) complex 1(Ni). It was characterized by elemental analysis, IR, NMR, MS spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction. With respect to the nickel atom the complex 1(Ni) adopts a distorted square planar trans-coordination geometry. Concerning the ligand arrangement, complex 1(Ni) has a step configuration with the angle of 35.5o between the mean planes of the pyrene rings in the two independent molecules and step distance S = 1.93 Å, whereas the referent nickel(II) bis(salicylaldiminato) takes a much smaller step configuration with an angle of 17.6o and the step distance S = 0.845 Å (chart 1).