Dear scientists

VNU Journal of Science would like to send to you our respectful greetings

Established on January 1, 1985 (under the license No. 223/GP-BTTTT on July 22, 2014 of the Ministry of Information and Communications, code number by international standard ISSN 0866-8612), the VNU Journal of Science is the official and only publication of Hanoi National University (VNU). The journal is published periodically, being tasked “to make public and introduce the works of science and technology, of social sciences and humanities of the authors-scientists at home and abroad to serve the scientific teaching, learning and researching”. The Journal has been classified by the State Professor Tittle Council as the leading scientific journal; each article is given from 0.5 point to 1 point.

At present, the Journal comprises the special reviews: 1) Social Sciences and Humanities; 2) Natural Sciences and Technology; 3) Legal Studies; 4) Foreign Studies; 5) Mathematics and Physics; 6) Chemistry; 7) Economics and Business; 8) Earth and Environmental Sciences; 9) Education Research; 10) Computer Science and Communications Engineering; 11) Life Sciences; 12) Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology; 13) Policy and Management Studies; 14) Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The VNU Journal of Science would like to invite the authors at home and abroad to contribute their original research works with the contents relating to the above-cited fields.

All the research articles shall go through secret, professional peer-review, ensuring high scientific quality and shall be edited and adjusted by the top scientists in Viet Nam and the world. The authors shall not pay any fee when their articles are published.

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