Nguyen Quang Hung, Le Duc Khanh

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Abstract: Drought is a complex natural hazard;so far, there have been some different ways to assess the level of drought in different aspects. In this study, the Variable Infiltration Capacity Model (VIC) was used to calculate the relative humidity changes of soil in Binh Thuan province based on surface water exchange processes. The simulation results of the VIC model are then used to calculate drought indicators to assess the drought situation in Binh Thuan province. The results of the study show that drought occurrences of the study basin are high, complicated, clearly showing the effect of rainfall, temperature and vegetation cover to water exchange, soil moisture. The results of the study serve as a basis for the development of drought forecasting tools for agricultural production planning and water resources planning and planning.


Keyword: Drought, VIC model, relative soil humidity, Bình Thuận