Chu Thi Thu Huong, Bui Thi Hop, Tran Dinh Linh, Vu Thanh Hang

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Abstract: Based on the data that has the resolution is 1,00×1,00of the Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR) and the cloud cover from NCEP/NCAR in the 1981 – 2012 period, the relationship between the cloud cover and the OLR in the Southern of Vietnam wasinvestigated when analyze and compare the spatial distribution, temporal evolution and their correlation. The results show that the characteristics of the spatial distribution and the year cycle of cloud cover and OLR are inversely correlated. The region or time that the cloud cover is great, the OLR is small and vice versa. In the Southern of Vietnam, the OLR value isgreatest(or smallest) in the dry (or rainy) season and in the El-Nino (La-Nina) years. In addition, during the 1981-2012period, the OLR in this region shows a downward trend about 3.6 W/m2/decade, while the cloud cover tends to increase by 0.2%/decade.

Keywords: Cloud cover, Outgoing Longwave Radiation, the Southern of Vietnam.