Pham Huu Tam

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The monitoring results on environmental quality at corals in coastal areas of Khanh Hoa during 2010 - 2018 indicated that there was no difference of water quality between monitoring areas. The status of environmental quality at corals in coastal waters of Khanh Hoa during 2010 - 2018 is relatively good in terms of ecology, with relatively high dissolved oxygen concentration (>5mg/l). Most of the value of environmental parameters in water are always in the allowed limitation of water quality standard for coastal waters current. There is pollution in some areas, but not significant.

The analysis of environmental data during 2010-2018 at corals in coastal waters of Khanh Hoa province showed water quality has changed, however, is negligible and still being maintained in good condition.



Keywords: Environmental quality, nutrient, organic matter, coral reefs, coastal areas, Khanh Hoa.


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