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Vocational education is an important activity in the process of developing the capacity to choose a career. Vocational education activities not only involve students, but are used to refer to all activities intended to support individuals of all ages and at all times in life with career understanding, make choices about career, job, job. Career guidance should be conducted right from the preschool level to prepare children for the perfect future career. The article is based on the results of analysis of Vietnam policy documents, domestic and foreign studies on vocational education as well as in-depth interviews. The article analyzes the role and tasks of vocational education for preschool children, some vocational education activities in preschools in Vietnam today, principles of vocational education for preschool children. In particular, the author also mentioned some forms of vocational education that have been implemented for preschool children today, such as field visits, vocational experience, career guidance.

Keywords: Vocational education, vocational guidance, preschool, preschool children.


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