Nguyen Thi Xuan Son, Nguyen Hong Thao

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In the twenty-first century, before the revolution of science and technology 4.0 and 5.0, environmental protection and sustainable development are increasingly becoming a great concern of humanity as well as of each country. Among the components of the environment, the marine environment plays an important role with 71% of the Earth's surface covered with water and 90% of the biosphere is the ocean. Along with the development of the sea direction of mankind - the cradle of Earth's life - the sea is also facing serious challenges of pollution, over-fishing of marine resources. Marine environmental protection is not limited to a single country. Due to the uniformity of the marine environment, the spread of transboundary agents in the marine environment and climate change, this task requires cooperation between countries. Regional international treaties serve as a basis for cooperation in marine environmental protection. The paper will focus on analyzing and assessing regional efforts in approving regional international treaties on marine environmental protection, with a focus on environmental protection cooperation mechanisms, especially in East Asia and South East Asia. These are selected areas due to their advanced marine environmental protection experience and socio-economic similarities.