Le Hai Nam, Vo Thanh Quang, Nguyen Tuan Sơn, Dao Dinh Thi

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This study describes the clinical features of chronic sinusitis in adult patients in the National Otorhinolaryngology Hospital of Vietnam. The transverse descriptive method was used to describe the clinical features of chronic sinusitis in the adult patients aged 18 and over, suffering from chronic sinusitis in the Inpatient Department, the National Otorhinolaryngology Hospital of Vietnam from August 2019 to December 2019. The average age of the patients was 47.17 ± 15.32, with a male to female ratio of 1.1:1; and the most common reasons for being hospitalized were runny nose (72.4%) and stuffy nose (87.9%). The study concludes that the clinical characteristics of chronic sinusitis in the patients were runny nose, stuffy nose, headache, smell disorder and cough in both men and women, with illness duration ranging from 6 months to many years.


Chronic sinusitis in adults, stuffy nose, smell disorders.


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