Vu Duc Loi, Do Thi Thanh Huong, Le Hong Duong, Nguyen Xuan Tung, Nguyen Thuc Thu Huong, Pham Van Truong

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Morphological and microscopical characteristics of “Co ruoi la bac” collected in Nam Dinh province were studied. Results have identified the scientific name of the plant as Murdannia bracteata (family Commelinaceae). Besides, the microscopical characteristics and powder microscopy of leaf and stem of M. bracteata species were established. Specifically, the plant’s leaf and stem are characterized by pale violet corolla, oval bracts and needle shape calcium oxalate crystals converging or single in the soft tissue of the leaf; the herbal powder has twisted vascular grafts, unicellular hairs,…


Murdannia bracteata, M. bracteata, Murdannia bracteata (C.B.Clarke) J.K.Morton ex D.Y.Hong, Commelinaceae, morphological characteristics, microscopical characteristic


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