Doan Van Ngoc, Hoang Thi Huyen Trang, Tran Cong Hoan, Nguyen Van Sang, Nguyen Minh Chau

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This study evaluates  the value of ultrasound in classifying hypoechoic nodules of thyroid of 70 patients at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Oncology of E Hospital from January 2019 to December 2019. The study results show that the patients’ average age was 55.29 ± 13.7; the female/male ratio was approximately 6.5/1; patients with a history of radiotherapy to the neck area and chronic thyroid disease had a very high risk of developing cancer; homogeneous hypoechoic nodules had a higher risk of malignancy than  the heterogeneous; the sign of height ≥ width had the diagnostic value of thyroid malignant nodule with Se = 57.8%, Sp = 89.6%, PPV = 88%, NPV = 89.6%, Acc = 41.4%, OR = 10.03; the sign of border irregularity had the diagnostic value of thyroid malignant nodule with Se = 77.8%, Sp = 80%, PPV = 87.5%, NPV = 66.7%,  Acc = 57.1%, OR = 14; microcalcification has a diagnostic value of thyroid malignant nodule with Se = 71.1%, Sp = 56%, PPV = 17.4%, NPV = 51.9%, Acc = 57.1%, OR = 3.1. TIRADS 4B, 5 actually had a higher risk of malignancy than TIRADS 4A. The study concludes that ultrasound has a great value in orienting malignant lesions of hypoechonic thyroid nodules.

Keywords: Thyroid nodule, thyroid hypoechoic nodule, TIRADS.


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