Nguyen Tuan Son, Dao Duy Anh, Le Thi Nhung, Hoang Lan, Nguyen Huu Son, Nong Thi Ngan Giang, Cu Hoang Miai Phuong, Banh Thi Phuong Dung, Tran Thi Ngoc Anh, Vu Le Phuong, Pham Van Dem, Le Hung, Dao Dinh Thi, Ngo Xuan Khoa

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A prospective descriptive study was conducted from August 2021 to September 2021 to describe the clinical and subclinical characteristics of COVID-19 patients at the field hospital of Dong Thap Community College. The study collected epidemiological data of 240 subjects. The results indicated that the male/female ratio was 1.2/1; the mean age was 29.2±15.1 (1- 65 years old). The most typical clinical symptoms of the disease are cough (45.8%), fever (45%), stuffy nose (21.7%), anosmia (13.8%), ageusia (12.9%), and shortness of breath (4.6%). Most patients have mild symptoms and a high recovery rate. This study contributes to a general assessment of clinical, subclinical factors, treatment results of COVID-19 patients in general and COVID-19 subjects at the field hospital of Dong Thap Community College in particular, which is the basis for better disease prevention measures.

Keywords: COVID-19, clinical features, Ct index, treatment results.


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