Luc Nhu Quynh, Dang Vu Son, Mai Anh Tuan

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Abstract: Cryptographic application plays an important role in wireless communication, especially, a FPGA built-in RFID tag on UHF band (860-960 MHz). The information safety can be obtained by applying suitable and advanced cryptographic algorithm. This paper simulates the installation and implementation of cryptographic algorithm on a FPGA using Isim software from Xilinx. The result shows that the implementation of 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard-AES improved considerably the operating speed by 565000 ps for both encryption and decryption process. Similarly, the 233-bit multitive algorithm kP on elliptic curve also enhanced then operating speed at 467661900000 ps. Using above mentioned algorithm, the system maintains the security level meanwhile it does not require very high hardware configuration.