Nguyen Van Chuong, Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, Nguyen Van Hieu

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This paper constructs a new type of two-dimensional graphene-like Janus GaInSTe monolayer and systematically investigates its structural and electronic properties as well as the effect of external electric field using first-principles calculations. In the ground state, Janus GaInSTe monolayer is dynamically stable with no imaginary frequencies in its phonon spectrum and possesses a direct band gap semiconductor. The band gap of Janus GaInSTe monolayer can be tuned by applying an electric field, which leads the different transitions from semiconductor to metal, and from indirect to direct band gap. These findings show a great potential application of Janus GaInSTe material for designing next-generation devices.

Keywords: Graphene, two-dimensional materials, Janus GaInSTe, first-principles calculations, electric field.


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