Anh Nguyen Thuy

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Vietnam is one of the countries that have the highest numbers of persons with disabilities (PWDs). According to the 2009 Census there are approximately 6.1 million PWDs accounting for 7.8% of Vietnamese population. Research has shown that the number of PWDs who attend higher education in Vietnam is extremely low and only 0.1% of PWDs has completed a bachelor program at higher education level. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the status of PWDs in Vietnam as well as analyse the country’s legal framework and policies governing PWDs. To this end, the paper firstly presents facts and figures regarding PWDs in Vietnam. Secondly, the paper reviews Vietnam’s commitments to international policies and standards, and the legal framework and policies towards PWDs in general and students with disabilities (SWDs) in particular at the national level. Finally, it points out some issues and challenges for Vietnam in creating a more inclusive learning environment for PWDs and SWDs at higher education