Vu Cao Dam

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Abstracts: Hybrid war is a quite new concept in modern studies on military science. This kind of war has no gunfire, no airplanes or tanks, yet still has the power to eradicate a nation by different measures: economic, technological, ecological and environmental.
A hybrid war is understood as a people's war, but not in a way that a nation wages the war against the other nation to conquer, instead they seek for the assistance of the locals so that those locals commit suicide at the hands of the war monger.
From the perspective of the "people's war" to the hybrid war, security measures are also based on the viewpoint of the people's war. All population stratum must be involved in security measures during the hybrid war. The organization of people should not only through traditional movements, but also through a long-term strategic scenario of economic and legal solutions for the whole society.
The issue of Vietnam is to make a double effort, in which to have the policy to prevent the danger of the hybrid war, at the same time participate in the socio-ecological transformation with other worldwide nations for sustainable development of mankind.
Keywords: Sustainable development, Socio-ecological transformation, Hybrid war, People, double effort.
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