Doan Nguyet Linh, Koji Tsuji, Yui Tsuchida, Jun Nomura

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What is the status of lesson study in Vietnam and Japan? Is there a significant difference between the teaching experience of secondary school teachers and how they perceive the relevance of lesson study to their professional development in Vietnam and Japan? The mentioned questions were explored by collecting data from high school teachers (n = 197) in Vietnam and Japan through questionnaires. Descriptive statistics are used to analyze the data. The results show that the involvement of secondary school teachers in lesson study and the contribution related to their professional development is very high. It can also be seen that there are significant differences between the teaching experience of secondary school teachers and how they perceive the relevance of lesson study to their professional development. The findings suggest that relevant education policies and appropriate funding need to be implemented to ensure that professional learning communities remain vibrant in both Vietnam and Japan. This is the key to enhancing secondary teacher competence, which can lead to higher student learning outcomes.

Keywords: Lesson study, professional development, teacher, Vietnam, Japan.


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