Tran Thi Ngoc Anh, Tran Thi Ha, Nguyen Viet Tuyen, Pham Nguyen Hai

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This paper presents the preparation of Ag-doped ZnO bulk sample by solid state reaction and Ag-doped ZnO thin films by sputtering method. The effects of doping concentration (1, 2 and 4%) on the properties of the thin films were investigated. Various methods were utilized to investigate characteristics of the samples: X-ray diffraction, Raman scattering spectroscopy, photoluminescence, energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy,
atomic force microscope, absorption spectroscopy and Hall measurement. The study results show that Ag diffused into ZnO crystal lattice after heat treatment at 1,200oC. As-prepared thin film samples exhibited low resistivity in the order of 10-3Ω.cm. The film doped with 2% Ag shows the lowest resistivity of 1.8´10-3Ω.cm, which is potential for making transparent electrodes in optoelectronics.

Keywords: Transparent conductive oxide, ZnO:Ag, sputtering, Hall measurement


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