Vu Minh Anh, Nguyen Dinh Duc

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The nonlinear dynamic response and vibration of porous functionally graded cylindrical panel (PFGCP) subjected to the thermal load, mechanical load and resting on elastic foundations are determined by an analytical approach as the Reddy’s third order shear deformation theory, Ahry’s function… The study results for dynamic response of PFGCP present the effect of geometrical ratio, elastic foundations: Winkler foundation and Paskternak foundation; loads: mechanical load and thermal load; and the material properties and distribution type of porosity. The results are shown numerically and are determined by using Galerkin methods and Fourth-order Runge-Kutta method.

Keywords: Nonlinear dynamic response, porous functionally graded cylindrical panel, the high order shear deformation theory, mechanical load, thermal load, nonlinear vibration.


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