Pham Xuan Truong, Tu Thuy Anh

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Human resource is always a vital driving force for socio–economic development of any country in the world. Developing human resource is therefore a top priority mission in development policies at every level, from the firm scale to the national scale. In order to unify human resource development activities, an appropriate strategy is needed for direcing them. After all, human resource will be utilized by firms, hence strategy for human resource development (HRD) must be built and developed at the firm level first. As a result, strategy for HRD at the firm level is studied and intensively applied both in theory and practice. At the national level, the concept of national human resource development (NHRD) is still ambiguous and strongly debated among scholars partially because there are a number of countries, though without a clear NHRD plan, having competent human resources. There are also a lot of countries having succeeded in implementing their own NHRD strategies. The article examines these strategies to draw relevant lessons for Vietnam in its search for a NHRD efficient strategy.