Nguyen Huu Hoang

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The leadership role of the ruling political party in the state and society is an important issue in each political regime. In Vietnam, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) takes a leadership role in the state and society (including the public policy that is seen as a product of the process of performing that role), which is both historical and constitutionalized. From the interdisciplinary approach of politics and public policy science, this article analyzes and discusses the legitimacy of the CPV’s leardership role in the state’s pulic policy system, which has rarely been duscussed in the two above-named scientific areas. By analyzing the CPV’s objectives, mission and nature, this article shows the legitimacy of the party’s leardership role in the public policy system through 3 main aspects: (i) History - political belief; (ii) Political-legal basis; and (iii) The capacity, prestige and morality of the Party and party members. Therefrom, the article affirms that the Party’s leading role in the public policy is inevitable, necessary, both principled and lofty, as well as a way to further strengthen the people and society’s belief in the continuing of the Party’s leadership mission in the current period.