Nguyen Van Hieu, Dang Thi Thanh Thuy, Nguyen Hoang Nam

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Vietnam has the second largest number of biosphere reserves (BRs) in Southeast Asia with 9 BRs, covering over 4.3 million hectares. Based on the specific conditions of each locality, some BRs have implemented a number of activities for sustainable management. However, there have been certain challenges to the effective management of BRs in Vietnam. This paper analyzes these challenges, including management policy aspect, organizational management, organizational management practices, and resources for management. The analysis results show that the term of BR has not yet been institutionalized in the national legal system as a unified management entity. In addition, the management structure and plan of the biosphere reserve is not consistent and not fully delineated at both national and local levels. The development and implementation of plans, coordination, cooperation and information sharing among key stakeholders at the BRs are inadequate. Moreover, there is difficulty in achieving the best results in implementing these activities and resources for management are still insufficient, especially human and financial resources.