Pham Minh Thuy, Dao Thanh Truong

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Social mobility without migration (on-the-spot brain drain) is a typical phenomenon of social mobility of high-quality science and technology (S&T) human resources at the Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), in which a very important factor affecting this social mobility is the disparity, unequal reward in science, for instance the remuneration policies in science, the salary, bonus policy... Besides, the rate of social mobility entering VNU is low, while the number of people at retirement age are mainly high-qualified people, which has made the work of fostering the next generation and attracting S&T human resources becomes a topical and urgent issue. In recent years, VNU has had policies to attract high quality human resources, but it has not been as effective as expected due to lack of resources for implementation, one of the most important resources is financial resource. Attracting high-quality science and technology human resources at VNU is facing many challenges in the context of the 4th industrial revolution, extensive international integration, and challenges from the goals that VNU has set to 2025, vision to 2030.