Mai Linh

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Among the social security system’s pillars, health insurance plays an important role in supporting people to enjoy medical examination and treatment and health care services. Health insurance is a form of community insurance applied in the field of medical examination and treatment and health care for all people. Since its creation, the health insurance system has been perfecting in terms of institution and policy in order to facilitate the implementation of healthcare services for the entire population, including people in need, people of ethnic minorities, people living in remote areas, people with disabilities, the elderly, children under 6, and people with chronic and hard-to-cure diseases... The article reviews a number of health insurance policies in Vietnam since 1992 and argues that Vietnam's health insurance policies have had many changes in the direction of being suitable for people's living conditions. In coming years, the goal of health insurance policies is to increase the coverage of health insurance to the entire population, especially to help those facing difficulties in society to get better health care and protection. The Law on Health Insurance, being organized and implemented by the State, has also been continuously adjusting with non-profit purpose. Accordingly, people are responsible to participate in accordance with the Law’s provisions.


Health insurance, health insurance policies, Vietnam.