Tran Trung Hieu

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English is one of the most vital and necessary tools for people’s successes in many aspects of life. Therefore, building good ways to develop English skills in students is an urgent demand. Organizing English-Vietnamese bilingual lesson is interpreted as educational method in which a foreign language enrichment measure packaged into content teaching, so it is one of the effective ways to improve this skill for students. By investigating 457 students and 27 high school biology teachers in An Giang province, the study pointed out two issues of the reality of using English in biology teaching in high schools: (1) Teachers have rarely used English in teaching activities, (2) Students’ English ability has been really weak. The study has built up the processes of organizing an English-Vietnamese bilingual lesson. The paper demonstrated that high school students’ English ability and qualification has been improved by using these proposed processes.

Keywords: Bilingual biology lessons, bilingual teaching, English ability, biology teaching


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